Current Skincare Routine Part I

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

For my current morning skincare routine, I use cleanser everyday, follow with exfoliator twice a week. When my skin is dry, I apply the SkinCeuticals Phloretin Cf serum all over my face and neck. After I put on eye cream and eye serum, I add two drops of rose hip essential oil to my moisturizer and apply that on my face and neck. Finally, I put on sunscreen and spritz my face during the day with rose water / Caudalie beauty elixir.


Step 1 : Cleanse - Cetaphil cleanser

Step 2 : Exfoliate - N7 Total Renewal Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliator

(2x Week Minimum)

Step 3 : Serum

- 5 Drops of SkinCeuticals Phloretin Cf

- 2 Drops Of Rose hip Essential Oil

Step 4 : Eye Cream + Eye Serum

- The Therapy Secret Made Anti Aging Eye Cream (Under Eyes)

- L’Oréal Paris Anti Aging Serum Revitalift (Eyelids Until Eyebrows)

Step 5 : Moisturizer

- Aesop Mandarin Hydrating Cream

Step 6 : Sunscreen

- Banana Boat Sport

- Cetaphil SPF 50 lips

Step 7 - Hydration

- Caudalie Beauty Elixir Or - Rose Water

(Spray when necessary throughout the day)

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